About the Brand: Joyce Farms®

August 06 2020 – Ben McCormick

About the Brand: Joyce Farms®

About the Brand: Joyce Farms®

Land & Sea is a proud supplier of Joyce Farms® premium chicken. Started and maintained as a family business, the company has been dedicated to the highest quality of ethical and sustainable farming since 1962. All poultry is raised on small, family-owned farms using all-natural and humane methods. 

From their website: "A strong commitment to environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and adherence to current food safety standards is a hallmark of our company."

Naked Chicken are raised with nothing added -- no antibiotics, no hormones or steroids, no animal by-products, no pesticides, no artificial ingredients. Naked Chicken are also carefully bred to create products unparalleled in quality and in taste, every time.

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